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A Day in the Life at Berrington

A Day in the Life at Berrington

Guests having lunch at BerringtonYou may wonder what your life would be like if you decided to become a resident at Berrington. To give you a snapshot of what you can expect, let’s take a look at life at Berrington through the eyes of Molly – one of our much-loved residents.

A Peaceful Wakeup

Molly wakes up in the morning, slowly opening her eyes, blissfully unaware of the activity happening throughout our residence. In her private, spacious quarters, everything is peaceful and tranquil. After a time, a staff member gently knocks at the door, asking her if she would like to get up. Molly decides she wants to prepare for her day, so she grants the staff permission to enter. They provide her with any assistance she needs while showering, dressing and getting ready.

After all, Molly has started every day in her life much the same, and it doesn’t have to change once she’s decided to become a resident of Berrington.

A Delicious Breakfast Selection

Well-presented, Molly is escorted to the dining room, where she has breakfast with her friends. A variety of healthy and diet friendly choices are available, though Molly has a favourite she usually requests. Our friendly wait staff serves her, just like a fine hotel. Molly chats with her friends while finishing breakfast, then concentrates on reading the daily newspaper while the sun streams in through the curtains, warming her while she sips her last bit of coffee.

Now that breakfast is complete, Molly wants a few moments of relaxation in her room before she sets about on her chosen activities. Back in her room, she peruses the schedule and decides she’d like to start with an exercise program to stay healthy and active. Afterwards, she challenges her mind with a game of trivia, played with her fellow residents.

Morning Tea and Lunch

Next, it’s time for morning tea, enjoyed with friends. Between this period and lunchtime, Molly goes to the library to read a book. When it’s time for the midday meal, a waiter presents Molly with a three-course menu of choices for an appetizer, an entrée and dessert. She selects a glass of her favourite wine to go with it, and the meal, like every other one, is served on double linen tablecloths with crystal stemware and fine porcelain plates. Meanwhile, the staff is on hand to assist her in any way needed.

A Shopping Outing and Dinner With Family

During the afternoon, Molly has decided she’ll join an arranged bus trip to do some shopping. She enjoys popping in and out of local shops, then takes her purchases home to rest before an evening meal.

A lie-down leaves Molly feeling refreshed and ready for a chat with friends in the lounge before the evening meal. When it’s time, they make their way to the dining room together, where there is another three-course meal to select. Molly has invited some of her friends and family members to join her for dinner, and they sit for a couple of hours enjoying each other’s company.

Ready for a Good Night’s Rest

After her family has left, Molly wants to return to her room to watch television. In her separate sitting room, she sits in her favourite chair, which she brought from home to furnish her room, and checks out with her favourite shows. In the evening, there’s a knock at the door when the staff offers to get her ready for nighttime. She gets the assistance she needs, then watches some more television before lying down in the custom king-single electric bed designed and developed especially for Berrington.

Each of your days at our facility is as different as you want it to be. Activities are developed in consultation with our residents to ensure that their needs are met. Group and individual outings are available, and the gym, our hairdresser, physiotherapy, trivia, games, walking groups, high teas and Friday happy hour are just a few of the many things we offer to you.

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