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Glen and Karen Gillingham

A team completely dedicated to raising the bar of aged care around the world.

Berrington is a very special place. Our team is made up of very special people. A career with Berrington is not for everyone. But if you are excited by the idea of becoming part of a team revolutionising aged care, you might like to give us a call.

We love our staff. We hand-pick them, and we invest significantly in them. But each of our team also know that as much as we value them, Berrington exists for our residents – not for our staff. Our residents will always come first, and last. We often have opportunities for a whole range of careers: from hospitality, to nursing, caring, para-medical and administrative.

If you think you’re up for it, and have a genuine passion to both grow and serve our residents, we would love to hear from you.

Just send us an email at with all your contact details, and the kind of role you are interested in. Our team will then soon be in touch.

Current Vacancies

Berrington | 1800 237 746