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Fran Economo, Admissions Manager

– Providing a warm welcome to seniors and their families –

Fran Economo Admissions ManagerFriendly and caring, Fran likes making the process of becoming a resident as enjoyable and seamless as possible. For her, the most fulfilling part of her job is the satisfaction of meeting people when they are in a crisis situation and guiding them through this time with kindness and patience. Outside of Berrington, Fran loves to travel, catch up with friends over coffee and watch her sons play soccer.

The journey of choosing an aged-care facility for a family member was unknown to me. After many disappointments, I was guided to contact Berrington Subiaco. They came with high praise, which intrigued me. Other facilities had treated me as ‘one of the crowd’. There was nothing special about me, or my request for an application. Were Berrington going to refuse my request for a tour?

I was tired of being asked to make an application when I can’t see the home. How was Berrington going to be any different? WOW. The phone was answered by a gentle voice, and immediately, I felt I had made a connection with someone who cared. I was put through to Fran Economo, the Admissions Manager, who proceeded to listen to my story with openness. I was invited to meet with her, and given a personal walk through. No crowds on this tour… just Fran and I. The ambience that greeted me was amazing. The honesty and openness of the sharing of details as Fran and I walked through the home was wonderful. The smiles on the faces of staff as they were doing their work was uplifting. They happily looked me in the eyes and said ‘hi’. The whole experience was so different to anything I had encountered. Berrington took caring to another level.” – KR

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