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Inviting Your Family to Berrington

Inviting Your Family to Berrington

comfortable sitting areaBerrington was crafted to be a family-friendly residence. You can invite your friends or loved ones to join you at any function or activity, at any time with no restrictions on visiting hours. Naturally, you can enjoy the privacy of your room when you have company over, which boasts a comfortable sitting area to have a more intimate conversation. Our lounges are also for your use day or night—whatever you desire.

Spending an Enjoyable Day Together

Your family can stay overnight with you, and we’ll be more than happy to provide a bed and extra bedding for them. They can also join you for breakfast, lunch, dinner or all three mealtimes.

During the day and evening, they’re welcome to attend events such as concerts, Friday happy hours and more. If you’re having a celebration such as a birthday or an anniversary, you can use the clubroom, the Berrington Room or any other space you’d like.

Our well-kept gardens with beautiful walking paths and bronze sculptures are another of our residents’ favourite spots to bring company. The café you’ll see when you enter the foyer is a popular meeting spot, offering top-quality coffee and tea along with complimentary snacks.

We love to exceed expectations, going above and beyond what you may have thought possible. Our philosophy of hospitality extends to your family and friends who visit Berrington, too.

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