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Your Comfortable, Private Living Space

Your Comfortable, Private Living Space

como-34When you become a resident of our unique facility, you’ll be delighted at our many amenities, gorgeously manicured grounds and your many options to stay as busy as you’d like. Berrington is also set apart by the spacious, luxurious and bright living areas our residents enjoy.

Your room is just that – yours. If a member of our staff wishes to access your room, they need your express permission. We encourage you to personalise your space. You can bring in your favorite pieces of furniture or artwork. Perhaps you have one or two things you’d like to bring along, while others may wish to furnish their entire room with their existing belongings. You’re welcome to combine furnishings however you’d like to.

Living in Luxury and Tranquility

A fully furnished room at Berrington includes a custom king single or couples’ bed that is electrically adjustable. Just like the rest of our furniture, you won’t find it at any shop, as it’s been specially designed just for our residents. Whilst it operates as a hospital bed does, it doesn’t look or feel like one. These spacious, plush beds are just one of the many features of our rooms.

Each room also has space for lounge chairs, a high-definition 50-inch smart television, tables and chairs and bedside lockers to securely store your favourite belongings.

Our Constant Quest: To Delight Our Residents

Your space is meant to be a place for you to relax, have a well-deserved rest and enjoy your days. To ensure your maximum convenience, we also offer laundry services. You can simply deposit your clothing in a chute located in your room. It’s laundered and returned to you cleaned, pressed and folded – we’ll be happy to put it away for you if you choose.

Everything about Berrington has been crafted with the most extraordinary of care. The finishing touches in each area have been selected with a commitment to providing the absolute best for our residents, with a constant vigilance on details and the highest standards.

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